Extreme Tyres | VR1 - Intermediate tyre

The VR1 is a All-Round, road legal, semislick tyre with directional tread pattern. Type R, W3 and W5 versions are designed for rally use. The compound R is for dry use and W3 and W5 for wet conditions.

These products are distinguished by reinforced sidewalls and high performance rubber compounds which guarantees the highes level of grip.

The Type-V2, S2 and S3 versions are designed for drifting. Regular wear and stable grip till the end are the biggest advantages over competition

available compounds:
W3 (Rain Supersoft)
W5 (Rain Soft)
V2 (Drift Basic Grip)
S2 (Drift High Grip)
S3 (Drift Top Grip)

discontinued products:
W4 (Rain Supersoft)

Specification Extreme Performance Tyres VR1(Intermediate)


Working temperatures of different compounds