Tyre test - Nordschleife/daiily use - VW Golf 7 GTI - VR2 Semislick

Usage: Nordschleife, daily use
Vehicle: Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI with KW V3 Suspension
Nordschleife laptime BTG: 8.14 min with a little bit of traffic

The VR2 Semislick with R7(medium) now was tested and the results are surprisingly good that we will drive the tyres in future.

Driven was about 4000km (about 2485miles) but the tyres are still healthy for the kind of soft compound. The driveability of the tyres in wetness are still good for a semislick the tyres let be driven calculate able and the wheel response is very good.

Of course these semislicks has are a bit noisier than street tyres but you have it on most semislicks. The tyre was driven about 10 rounds on the Nordschleife before wrote this report with a little break in it. Until the driving there was no problems with temperature or with griplose. But you should think about it that the tyre need a bit of temperature to work perfectly. The sidewalls very strong so even with less camber there is no early worn out to see or the tyres getting to hot on the outside.

The pickup is also very good also when the tyres get pushed to the limits. The runtime of the tyre i would say is about 6000-10000km with sporty driving on daily use. Overall iam very happy with this tyre. Everybody can find here a very good tyre, against the Toyo R888 and other semis its a very good alternative and also the price is very impressive.

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