Tyre test - Rally - BMW e36 325i - 17 inch VR1

Use in: Rallye

Team: Andreas Barth / Mario Haubst
Vehicle: BMW e36 325i group G (stands for nearly stock class but also starts in group f  sometimes for modified cars.)

Event: 30. ADAC MSC Osterrallye Zerf R 70
Condition: 25°C Airtemperature, dry, 61,5 km Overall length, 1,4km Gravel
Class: NC2  (Gr. F(modified) up to 3000ccm)
Paces: Overall 30. (from 65) | Class 3. (from 8)

The first event with the extreme performance tyres we thought it would be the wrong compound for the event but we had no other choice. It was absolute dry conditions at mostly bumpy tarmac. With a lot of changing bigger and small streets. We thought the VR1 could be to soft and get destroyed by this conditions.

Even by this event the tyre show up with unexpected good and strong the tyre can handle that high temperature. Even by this conditions the tyre dont his job very well, of course in some situations the tyre was near his maximum and a bit over it. But until now we got so much trust in the tyre and could get the third place in our class. The tyre show up with very good grip and on the limit and maximum the tyre is absolutly manage able.

Event: Löwenrallye Birkenfeld R35
Conditions: 7°C Airtemperature, dry-wet, partial snow, 32 km lenght overall, 1km gravel
Class: NC7  (Gruppe G | Stock)
Places: Overall 24. (von 87) | Class 4. (von 6)

At morning from the rallye by the recce the track was partial very wet and also some snow was possible. Thats why we decided for the VR1. On first part of the rallye it very dry but on start to the second part of the rallye it began to rain and end in a really snowing. The track was very wet even here in mixing conditions the tyre was amazing and has convinced. Always good calculateable and also have a good grip in the wet. By this conditions we could drive some good times in top 20 overall on some stages.

Event: Hunsrück Junior Rallye R35
Conditions: 22°C Airtemperature, dry, 33 km length overall, 9,6km gravel
Class: NC2  (Gr. F modified up to 3000ccm)
Place: Overall 17. (von 108) | Class 3. (von 8)

Before the rallye we was thinking a lot about our tyre choice, the extreme tyre has made such a good impression at the first to events so we was thinking about using it on a event where we have about 30% gravel part. And also here our trust in the VR1 was the right choice and the tyre was in gravel a lot better than for example the Yokohama A048, on tarmac the tyre show up like we know it good handle able and with a lot of grip. We want to tell you, that even in the hardes condition the tyre is very strong and reliable. Other compeitors had in the break big holes in there treadwear. The VR1 do not shows after this hard rally no bigger damage. Also we was able to beat three big Mitsubishi which compete against us normaly which was faster in earlier events.

The tyre is good handleable and has a lot of grip in dry (when not getting to hot.) also in wett conditions the turnin moment is better than other good known products, by some mixing conditions like gravel for me the first choice. Also the price performance is unbeatable.

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