Tyre test - Slalom - Ford Focus - VR2 R7(medium)

Usage: Slalom, Autocross
Event: 40,/41. Husumer ADAC Clubslalom
Conditions: about 17°C Outside temperature, dry
Tyre: 195/50 R15 VR2 NK R7(medium)

Driver: Team SCP (S. Pingel, C. Pingel, B. Pingel)
Vehicle: Ford Focus MK1 1.6l
Class 2a performance/weight under 15
Results (for each driver):
First slalom: 1st, 4th, 7th
Second slalom: 1st, 2nd, 4th

Tyres getting used hard by us. He have to be able to work with a heavy front and also front wheel, drive Ford Focus with three different drivers which drive in one class in a 1000m parcour. There are no long breaks that the tyre can recover.

We choose for a second test hard conditions. by the event from the club "AC Nordfriesland" we drove on a airport, there was the underground very rough grippy underground. With 3 drivers who drives the car and 7 driver in class there was literly no time to revocer for the tyre than he had drive 9 times shortly behind each other. Tyres good fast temperature after the first run about 32°C at this time the grip also came. But until the end the tyre worked perfectly and also the running image of the treadwear was good.

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