Tyre test - Slalom - Hyundai i30N - VR2 R7(medium)

Usage: Bigger slalom more than 1000m
Vehicle: Hyundai i30N
Weight: 1431kg
Rims: 8,5x18
Front: 225/40 R18 VR2 R7
Rear: 225/40 R18 VR2 R5

Usage in group g (stock cars) only change are the springs the rest of the car is stock.

The tyres get temperature very fast. If you get about 20°C the tyres works. In practice the tyre get in his working temperature in a half round and is perfect for this type of sport.

By bigger about 2500m slaloms maybe its better to drive R9/R7 compounds.

In slalom the extreme tyres works very good and its compeitive with the Kumho tyres which are very often used here. From productions there are some marks on the sidewalls but they are only optical.

The tyres was driven about 14 events and on the front are about 2,5mm and rear only 0,5mm usage. So the tyre have a lot of lifetime.

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